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  • Time Is Your Friend

    November 16, 2017

    Warren Buffet, the legendary business owner, said, “Time is your friend. Impulse is your enemy.”  He was referring to the value of compound interest and the suggestion to not make quick investment decision based on how you feel at any one moment. I seem to be reminding clients of this … Read More

  • How Not to Invest in Retirement

    November 7, 2017

    Recently I was waiting in a retail store checkout line and started chatting with the clerk. He seemed like an amiable and chatty fellow so out of curiosity I asked him how long he had been working at this store. He replied that it had been about six months. He … Read More

  • Retirement Planning Mistakes (part 2)

    October 24, 2017

    In the last blog post, we started listing the retirement planning mistakes we see many people making (until we start working with them, of course!). My colleagues at JPFP started the list inspired by the fact that Richard Thaler was awarded the Nobel Prize in economics for his work in … Read More

  • Common Retirement Planning Mistakes

    October 17, 2017

    Richard Thaler was awarded the Nobel Prize in economics last week. Thaler is the first person who works in the new field of behavioral economics to win this coveted prize. Traditional economics assumes that people behave rationally when it comes to money matters and, of course, people don’t. So in … Read More

  • Which First: College or Retirement Savings?

    October 10, 2017

    According to a report by T. Rowe Price company, more families have saved for college than have saved for retirement and more than two-thirds of families have prioritized college savings over saving for retirement. THIS IS WRONG, WRONG, WRONG! As a parent, I get it. We want to put our … Read More