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General Information

Welcome to Juetten Personal Financial Planning

At Juetten Personal Financial Planning, we take a different approach to financial planning. When our firm started in 2002, we thought financial planning was about investments, risk, retirement income – dollars and cents stuff. We were wrong. After working as financial planners for several years, we realized that it’s not about the money. It’s about making people’s hopes and dreams come true and helping them to avoid their worst fears. Money is part of the process. Our financial planning practice focuses on what you want to achieve. Then, we work together to find the best ways to make your hopes and dreams become reality.

As your financial advisor, we want to help you set and attain meaningful financial goals through effective planning and investment management so that you can achieve your dreams and take care of the things that matter most to you. Through our individualized approach, we take the time to listen to your concerns and help you build and execute a viable plan for the future.

Juetten Personal Financial Planning Can Help You:

  • Establish an effective long term financial plan
  • Identify and set meaningful financial goals
  • Identify your needs for long term care and life insurance
  • Decide on how much you need to save for your retirement
  • Decide on the best savings methods for college for your children
  • Develop savings and spending plans for effective long-term goal realization
  • Create the best combination of investments
  • Pinpoint your retirement income sources
  • Develop an effective post-retirement plan for on-going income

Fee Only Financial Planning

Juetten Personal Financial Planning is proud to be a fee-only financial planner serving individuals throughout Seattle and Bellevue, Washington. As your CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER PROFESSIONALS™, we use a unique approach of only charging by the hour or flat fee rates.

Juetten Personal Financial Planning can offer you experienced services from a fee-only financial planner that cares about helping you meet your long term goals. If you are looking for a CFP® (Certified Financial Planner) in the Seattle, WA, or Bellevue, WA areas, we are pleased to be of service. Contact us to schedule an appointment by calling (425) 373-9393 today.

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