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Time to Say “Yes!”

One of the biggest challenges when someone is making the transition to retirement is a mindset shift. A retiring person goes from the work world where he or she was busy 40-50 hours a week, plus commuting time, focused on work. And when the person retires, it all changes. The amount of change is mammoth when you retire and until you get there, you cannot appreciate how much different your life will be. People might tell you how much your life will change when you retire, or you may read about the life changes that occur when you retire, but you cannot be prepared for the amount of change. The right mindset helps in the transition.

Going from working to retirement is like the change from before kids to when you have your first child. You can read all the books and watch videos about what it’s like to be a first-time parent, and friends and family will tell you that you’re life is about to change, but a first-time parent doesn’t really know what’s about to happen. Everyone reacts differently to first-time parenthood and no one knows exactly what it will be like until they hold the baby in their arms for the first time. The right mindset when becoming a first-time parent is essential to survive parenthood.

It’s the same in preparing for retirement. You may think you know what retirement will fell like and what the experience will be, but you cannot know until you are there. One of my clients will retire in about a year. Her attitude is that retirement for her will be a time to say “yes” to all the opportunities that she has been putting off or missing altogether. Now that’s a good mindset.

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