22 Predictions for 2022

I don’t normally make predictions because the future is un-knowable and why try to predict something with low probability of success? However, I decided to take a swipe at making guesses in the personal finance arena this year and divide them into Low and High probability categories for fun. Here we go. Low Probability Predictions … Read more

Don’t Pay Attention to the Weather

Last week a client said he knows we pay attention to the climate and not the weather, but he still wanted our take on what he should do with his investment portfolio right now. It’s a great line “pay attention to the climate and not the weather.” And it’s true. We don’t much care if … Read more

What’s a Good Rate of Return?

Someone asked me this question recently while I was attending a community event. Some people ask questions like this when they find out what I do for a living. It’s always difficult to find an answer for a question like this. On the one hand, the person may be genuinely curious about how their retirement … Read more

We get this question often these days and a quick Google search of the question “will the stock market crash” provided 416 million results in ½ second. It seems to be a popular question. The short answer is “I don’t know, and no one knows.” Sorry to burst your bubble if you thought I had … Read more

3 Retirement Withdrawal Approaches

As a wise person once said, “If you think saving for retirement is hard, wait until you figure out how to take money out in retirement!” Yes, retirement withdrawal strategies are complicated and confusing for many reasons including: Tax issues Required Minimum Distribution (RMD) rules Social Security Un-known health care costs Potential for long term … Read more

7 Items You Need to be A Smart Investor

When I Googled the phrase “what is smart investing” I got back 381,000,000 results in less than a second. Wow. This seems to be a hot topic for many people. (Just for fun, I Googled “what is stupid investing” and received 17,200,000 results.) Let’s dig into this topic today. First, what is “smart investing”?  When … Read more

3 Things That May Surprise You In Retirement Planning Study

Fidelity Investments commissioned a retirement planning study in February 2021 and there were at least three surprises in the findings. The study was conducted by an independent research firm among 1,204 adult financial decision makers over age 34. Surprise #1: While 82% of respondents report the pandemic set them back in their goals for retirement … Read more