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SmartMoney Rules™ Reminders

Because we work in the financial world, we are over-whelmed with data and information. Once in a while, I have to remind myself to keep it simple for our clients. That’s the reason I wrote the SmartMoney Rules™ “Little Green Book (Or, What Would Steve Say?)” about four years ago. We’re in the process of reviewing and updating that little book and in reviewing it, I’m reminded of the simplicity and power of our seven personal finance rules to live by:

  1. Have the right money mindset (abundance and not scarcity)
  2. Protect yourself and your family
  3. Have goals tied to your values
  4. Use cash flow and debt smartly
  5. Know how much is enough for retirement
  6. Invest wisely
  7. Review your plan and adjust regularly (but not too often)

I might add an 8th rule in the revised version — Control the things you can control and don’t worry about the rest. In the meantime, these seven guidelines are good reminders for you and me.