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Preparing for Retirement In Three Parts

The JPFP team has been working on a new framework to help our clients prepare for and enjoye retirement from a financial standpoint. We’ve come up with a three-part system we call the Total Retirement System (TRS for short).

  1. Retirement Planning: this starts five to ten years before a client wants to retire; in this step, the client creates their retirement plan to move them towards retirement.
  2. Retirement Glidepath: after the plan has been created and before the start of retirement, clients implement their retirement plan by taking specific actions steps and meeting annually with their planner to adjust if necessary.
  3. Retirement Income Management: once retirement starts, managing the diverse income sources becomes the focus. The primary goal of this phase is to create the right amount of income so a client can enjoy his/her or their retirement.

To successfully prepare for and enjoy retirement, all three steps are needed. If you want to know more about our Total Retirement System, contact us 425-373-9393 or email us at wecare@finpath.com.