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Most Difficult Part of a Golf Course

“Golf is a game that is played on a five-inch course – the distance between your ears.”

— Bobby Jones

In the annals of golf, Bobby Jones holds a special place. He is the only golfer ever to win the U.S. Amateur, British Amateur, British Open and U.S. Open in the same year. In fact, he’s the only golfer to win all four in a career. And then he retired at age 28.

If I could interview him now about what it takes to have a successful retirement, I bet he would repeat the quote above and I would agree. I have now spent more than four decades (how time flys) studying, writing about, helping people to retire and the most difficult part of retirement is not financial, it’s the mental part of it.

Before a person retires, they have a certain identify — worker, employee, boss, leader, business owner — and an income. When you retire, all that changes. If you are getting close to retirement, first realize that when you retire, your identity will change and so much more too. Be prepared for this and start to develop a mindset to handle it. Try this:

  • First, imagine that today is Saturday.
  • Where are  you living?
  • What will you do?
  • Who will you see?

Now imagine that today is Monday. How will what you imagined on Saturday change? You aren’t going to work, so how will you use your time? Who will you associate with? What will you feel good about? What are you afraid of?

This type of imagining will help you prepare mentally for the hardest terrain to navigate in retirement — the five-inches between your ears.