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Mindset Is Key to Retirement Success

Recently I’ve been meeting with many couples and individuals who are on their retirement glide path. Some are excited about the next phase of their life, some are worried, some are reluctant, some are eager. The one element that separates the excited from the worried, the eager from the reluctant is MINDSET. At its simplest, MINDSET refers to assumptions, perspectives and expectations a person holds. MINDSET can be about the past, present or future or all three. Our emotions follow our MINDSET and decisions are made through a combination of emotion and rational thoughts. So you see  that MINDSET starts it all.

I’m not an expert in psychology or even human behavior (although I get to see lots of human behavior around money). However, based on what I’ve observed from our clients and prospects who are getting ready to retire, a positive MINDSET is what separates the people who are looking forward to retirement and those who are not. And it’s the people who are looking forward to the great adventure of retirement that will have the highest probability of success.

Think about it. Is your pre-retirement MINDSET positive, abundant, flexible and eager? Or is it negative, scarce, rigid and reluctant? Which MINDSET do you think will create the most successful retirement?