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With my free eBook “SmartMoney Rules™ Little Green Book (Or, What Would Steve Say?),” you will come away with surprisingly simple and amazingly powerful methods to make the best use of your financial assets. You can start immediately to be more in control of your money, be more effective and efficient with your personal finances, and have a greater sense of financial freedom.

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  • How to get organized by knowing what documents to keep and which ones to toss.
  • How to make sure you and your family are protected in case the un-expected happens.
  • What to do about long-term care expenses.
  • What are the best ways to save for college expenses?
  • How to create a simple spending plan that you can stick with and use.
  • The mindset you need when you are close to retirement.
  • How to invest according to your values and still earn market returns.

And much, much more.

What People Are Saying About “SmartMoney Rules™ Little Green Book

Follow the steps outlined in the book, and money issues and planning for the future can become stress free. I read Steve’s book and found it to be a collection of concise and easy to understand rules for a path to financial freedom.

– Joan, Kent, WA

Love your book! It’s like talking to you in person. Steve offers principled, objective advice that can help alleviate the fear of the complexities of financial planning. His book is logically organized, concisely written, fundamentally sound guidance for those starting out with planning their financial affairs or for those who find their financial planning in need of a better structure.

– Ron Jackson, MSW, Seattle, WA

Steve has successfully distilled decades of experience and thousands of pages of financial textbooks into two-dozen easy-to-read informative and provocative pages. If you are not now following Smart Money Rules, you are wasting valuable time, money, and worry. Working with Steve has changed my life for the better.

– Paulette, Redmond, WA

Everything I share with you in this eBook is an easy-to-use method that you can start practicing right away to improve your personal finances. When you follow my six-step system, you’ll be surprised how confident you’ll feel about your money matters and how effectively and efficiently you’ll use your financial resources to reach your life goals! Enjoy,

Steve Juetten, CFP® Principal and Managing Member, Juetten Personal Financial Planning, LLC.