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Final Pesonal Finance Lesson From Final Episode of “Downton Abbey”

In this post on the personal financial lessons from the popular PBS series “Downton Abbey,” I want to remind you of the seven  SmartMoney Rules™ because they all apply to the characters of “Downton Abbey” and their predicaments.

1. Have an abundant money mindset.

2. Protect yourself first.

3. Have a plan tied to your values.

4. Use cash and debt smartly.

5. Know how much is enough for retirement.

6. Invest smartly.

7. Review and adjust when necessary.

If the characters of “Downton Abbey” would just follow these seven SmartMoney Rules™ their lives would be so much better. But then we wouldn’t have drama, intrigue, entertainment or a season four starting next January. I hope you tune in. I know my wife Nancy and I will!