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Eight threats to portfolio performance

To say the least, the last decade has been a challenge for many investors, especially those investing for the long term and retirement. For example, $10,000 invested in the S&P 500 market index in 2000 was worth just $10,686 at the end of 2011. And this does not take into account inflation, investment fees and taxes. 

There are eight threats to portfolio performance: 

  • The Threat Of Active Management
  • Many Active Mutual Fund Managers Have Failed To Beat The Market
  • Few Active Mutual Funds Have Outperformed In Bear Markets
  • Only A Few Stocks Have Generated Strong Long-Term Returns Over The Last 20 Years
  • Missing The Best Days In The Market Can Lower Returns
  • Lack Of Patience And Discipline Can Be Costly
  • Lack Of Diversification
  • No Plan 

We have a free, short white paper that discusses each of these threats. Please send me an e-mail at steve@finpath.com and I’ll happily send you a copy