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10 Worst States For Retirees

According to Kiplinger magazine, the 10 worst state for retirees from a tax standpoint are these: Utah New Jersey New York Nebraska California Montana Oregon Minnesota Connecticut Vermont A state makes the list because it has a combination of some of  these items: high income tax (including taxing Social Security ... Read More

Common Tax Filing Mistakes Even Smart People Make

I saw this list at DailyFinance.com and thought it might help you if you prepare your own taxes. According to one group of tax experts, here are the most common tax return mistakes: Entering the wrong Social Security number Putting the right information on the wrong line Forgetting to sign ... Read More

Tax Reform Idea That Makes Sense

I don’t think many people would argue that current U.S. tax laws are understandable or make common sense. However, it seems that two U.S. Senators have hit upon a common sense process that might reform the hodgepodge tax system we have now. In a press release they sent out on ... Read More

Final Pesonal Finance Lesson From Final Episode of “Downton Abbey”

In this post on the personal financial lessons from the popular PBS series “Downton Abbey,” I want to remind you of the seven  SmartMoney Rules™ because they all apply to the characters of “Downton Abbey” and their predicaments. 1. Have an abundant money mindset. 2. Protect yourself first. 3. Have ... Read More