22 Predictions for 2022

I don’t normally make predictions because the future is un-knowable and why try to predict something with low probability of success? However, I decided to take a swipe at making guesses in the personal finance arena this year and divide them into Low and High probability categories for fun. Here we go. Low Probability Predictions … Read more

7 Item Year in Review

It’s the time of the year when I look back at how far we’ve come since January a year ago. Here are seven economic trends that helped shaped personal finances for 2021. Pandemic persists. A year-ago, we were hoping for wide-spread distribution of COVID-19 vaccines, and we got that. Remarkable! We also hoped for herd … Read more

What Higher Inflation Means to You

Inflation has been front page news the last few months. Normal inflation is okay and necessary for a growing economy. However, rapidly rising inflation is a problem when it starts to raise the price of many items faster than wages increase. And that’s what’s happening now. Inflation is higher than it’s been in over 30 … Read more

7 Things to Keep in Mind if You Plan to Work in Retirement

According to a recent survey by the Transamerica Center for Retirement Studies, 57% of workers plan to work after they retire. Reasons cited for working after retirement include: To be active Wanting the income Keeping brain alert Have a sense of purpose Concern that Social Security will be less than expected Can’t afford to retire … Read more

Don’t Pay Attention to the Weather

Last week a client said he knows we pay attention to the climate and not the weather, but he still wanted our take on what he should do with his investment portfolio right now. It’s a great line “pay attention to the climate and not the weather.” And it’s true. We don’t much care if … Read more

Why Do Houses Cost So Much?

We often received questions about why housing costs are so high. This issue comes from people in different situations; first-time home buyers, people wanting to move up and people looking to sell and realizing it’s hard to find a new home. Let’s look at home prices and see if we can shed some light on … Read more

What’s a Good Rate of Return?

Someone asked me this question recently while I was attending a community event. Some people ask questions like this when they find out what I do for a living. It’s always difficult to find an answer for a question like this. On the one hand, the person may be genuinely curious about how their retirement … Read more