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Why volatility matters

Start with a $100,000 portfolio. If you lose 25% of it, the value is now $75,000. It takes a 33.33% gain to get back to the original starting value. Because of this mathematical reality, minimizing volatility in your portfolio is crucial. It doesn’t take much to wipe out years of ... Read More

Is investing rigged against you?

Last week, the SEC charged six people in Silicon Valley with insider-trading rules violations. This is from the AP story: “The SEC said four of the six were employees of technology companies who moonlighted as consultants and exploited their access to confidential information about Advanced Micro Devices, Apple, Dell and ... Read More

Investment traps (continued)

The difference between what the average investor earns on his or her investments and what a carefully managed investment portfolio earns is about 5% a year according to studies by Dalbar, an independent research firm. The reasons for this performance gap are largely the 7 nasty investment traps I’ve been ... Read More

Most important economic concern

According to a Consumer Reports survey of its readers, the most important economic concern facing Americans is job losses. In 2006, the #1 concern voiced by 48% of those surveyed was medical expenses; in September 2010, 63% of survey respondents reported their main concern was job loss. Until and if ... Read More