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Now What?

We’re getting this question from clients and other people often these days. They’re referring to the investment markets that have taken a sharp swoon recently. The short answer we always give is, “I don’t know and neither does anyone else.” This is the nature of investing: the future is un-knowable. ... Read More

Will The Financial Past Repeat?

I was listening to the car radio recently and two commercials that aired back-to-back struck me. The first one was for some expert who could teach me how to flip houses for profit. The one that followed was for a local casino. Both ads are promoting gambling. Not sure what ... Read More

Predicting Investment Returns

We frequently tell clients that we can’t predict the future when it comes to investment return and no one can. However, while we have no idea what will happen to investment returns in the short-term, we can guess with a high level of accuracy about what will happen to investment ... Read More