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Pick an investment approach and stick with it

Most investors haphazardly choose their investments without considering their overall investment approach. They skip straight to strategy and bypass this key step. Successful investors FIRST pick an investment approach; then they pick investments vehicles consistent with their approach. I was reminded of this Smart Money Rule when I reviewed two ... Read More

Benefits of financial planning

Clients and prospects regularly share with me the benefits of financial planning as they see them. I thought you might like to see a list of the benefits of financial planning from their perspective: Prevent financial crisis Reduce impact of financial crisis when one hits Lessen the un-certainty More confidence ... Read More

Can money buy happiness?

I ran across a study done at Princeton University recently with the title “High Income Improves Evaluation of Life But Not Emotional Well Being.” The study distinguishes between emotional well being (the quality of a person’s everyday experience such as joy, fascination, anxiety, sadness, anger and affection) and life evaluation ... Read More