10 Reasons Retirement is Scary and What to Do About It

If you’re within five years of retirement, you probably have sleepless nights worrying about what retirement means to you. It’s okay to admit it. My un-official research shows 99.9% of pre-retirees are worried about some aspect of retirement. My research also shows that 90% of pre-retirees don’t admit it. It’s socially un-acceptable to admit you’re … Read more

Which Is Better: Active Or Passive

Few topics generate more heated discussion among investing professional then this question. Active investing takes a hands-on approach and requires a portfolio manager to make decisions about what to buy and sell and when. Passive investing requires little involvement by a portfolio manager and emphasizes a buy and hold approach.   According to a paper published … Read more

Why Fees Matter

According to the Investment Company Institute, the average expense ratio of actively managed stock mutual funds was .71% in 2020. The average expense ratio for index stock funds is .06%.  Why are actively managed funds more expensive? Fees are higher in active funds to pay transaction costs, pay the salaries of the research team and … Read more

Find Your Perfect Place to Retire

Bankrate.com has come up with a new list of best places to retire. You can check out the list at this link, but more importantly, note the criteria Bankrate.com used. Affordability Wellness Culture Weather Crime. As I’ve suggested before, don’t use someone else’s criteria to decide where you want to live. For example, Bankrate’s criteria … Read more

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