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How much is enough for retirement?

If there is one question I get asked the most often it’s this one: Will I be able to retire when I want? (Because I’m a fee-only financial planner, most people are wondering about the financial side of retirement and not the other equally, perhaps more important, aspects of retirement.) ... Read More

Retirement savings hit 10-year high

According to Fidelity Investments,  the average 401(k) plan account balance rose to $71,500 at the end of December. Among participants who have been continuously saving for 10 years, the average account balance is $183,100 (up from $59,100 at the end of 2000). The average amount saved remains at 8.2% as ... Read More

It’s IRA Time

The number one savings goal for many people is to save for retirement. With that in mind, it’s not too late to make a 2010 contribution to a traditional IRA. You have until April 15, 2011 (not including extensions) to make an IRA contribution for last year. “But wait,” many ... Read More

Social Security changes do-over rules

You may have missed it, but the Social Security Administration changed its “do-over” rules effective January 1, 2011. The do-over rule gives early retirees a chance to change their mind to begin taking benefits. An early retiree could start taking benefits at one age (say age 62), then change his ... Read More

How to choose a good on-line retirement planning calculator

According to the Employee Benefit Research Institute (EBRI), less than 1/2 of workers know how much they need to save for retirement. Why is this important? The EBRI research shows that people who know how much they need to save for retirement are much more likely to have taken action ... Read More

Are Americans ready to retire?

Met Life recently issued a retirement readiness report for Americans. The findings largely mirror the results from similar studies done by other groups, but the major findings are still worth noting. The Met Life study measured retirement readiness in 5 areas: Income and benefits Work Leisure Relationships Overall planning for ... Read More

Retirement and Relationships

This is a guest post from Mary Lloyd of Mining Silver,  a company located in University Place, Washington and dedicated to providing resources for using the potential of the retired segment of the population more effectively. Her contact information is at the end of this guest post. Thanks Mary. One ... Read More