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Retirement Planning Blunders

All this month, I’m highlighting retirement planning blunders that even smart people make and how to avoid them. Why? Because on May 23 at 6:00 p.m. (PST) my esteemed colleague, Amy Shappell, CFP®, and I are presenting a free webinar on the topic. We’re will share the mistakes that we ... Read More

Retirement on Your Mind?

About this time every year we seem to get a large number of questions about being ready for retirement. It might be the start of the New Year that brings out the inquiries or something else. For whatever the reason, if you’re thinking about retirement, we have two tools that ... Read More

Millennials and Money

Fidelity Investments recently completed a study on the money habits of Millennials (ages 25-35 in the study) and found some facts that make it clear this group of adults is very different from their older cohorts. For example: On average, Millennials have a higher amount saved to cover an emergency ... Read More

Bogle Says Retirement Crisis Has Three Parts

John Bogle, the crusty former Chair of The Vanguard Group, recently spoke out about the retirement crisis in America. According to Bogle, there are three aspects to this crisis: Social Security insolvency Woefully underfunded corporate and government pensions Ridiculously high costs of most 401(k) plan investment options. Bogle didn’t list ... Read More

Best & Worst States for Retirees

WalletHub came out with their best and worst places to retire. We see these lists from different sources from time to time and they all use different criteria. But it gives you something to think about. WalletHub used 24 criteria and weighted them from least to most important. Affordability is ... Read More

10 Harsh Retirement Realities

If you’re getting close to retirement, there are some harsh financial realities you need to know about and have a plan to address: Down investment markets, especially early in your retirement Rising health care costs Inflation will eat away at your buying power Confusing Social Security options Navigating the multi-part ... Read More