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Investors Hate to Lose

I was reminded that investors hate to lose money more than they enjoy earning money by a line from a movie I was watching over the weekend. In the excellent movie “Moneyball” starring Brad Pitt as Oakland A’s baseball club GM Billy Beane, there is a scene in which Brad ... Read More

How to Choose a Safe Insurance Company

If you’re buying an insurance product, you’re betting that the company will be around to pay benefits. There are two things you should do before giving your money to any insurance company for any product (life, disability, auto, home, annuity, long term care insurance). First, visit your state department of ... Read More

What Investors Are Thinking Now

Recently, I’ve noticed that clients and prospects are asking some different questions. Since the Great Recession ended four years ago, most investors wanted protection for their investments. The fear was that we would experience another harsh dose of market declines and most investors did not want that painful experience to ... Read More

Final Pesonal Finance Lesson From Final Episode of “Downton Abbey”

In this post on the personal financial lessons from the popular PBS series “Downton Abbey,” I want to remind you of the seven  SmartMoney Rules™ because they all apply to the characters of “Downton Abbey” and their predicaments. 1. Have an abundant money mindset. 2. Protect yourself first. 3. Have ... Read More

A Fool and His Money

For the last month, I’ve been using situations from the hit PBS series “Downton Abbey” to highlight personal finance lessons for today.  Today’s lesson comes from Lord Grantham’s wry self-criticism. Remember that he lost most of his wife’s fortune when he invested it in the stock of a single company ... Read More