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How not to run your spending plan

I recently read the biography of Harry Truman by David McCullough. And while the book was fascinating on many levels, something caught my eye when the author was describing the national budget that Mr. Truman delivered to Congress in 1950. According to the author: “It was a budget that did ... Read More

Average annual expenditures

Have you ever wondered how your spending patterns compare to what other families spend? The U. S Bureau of Labor Statistics produces information on consumer spending habits based on census data. Here are some interesting facts on average consumer spending: A 2-person family spends 77% more than a single person, ... Read More

Pick an investment approach and stick with it

Most investors haphazardly choose their investments without considering their overall investment approach. They skip straight to strategy and bypass this key step. Successful investors FIRST pick an investment approach; then they pick investments vehicles consistent with their approach. I was reminded of this Smart Money Rule when I reviewed two ... Read More