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Investors Are Confused

The recent stock market volatility means investors are confused. One article I read stated it nicely: “The stock market’s volatility stems from confusion as to whether the economy is too hot or too cold—and it is worried about the Fed response.” –Bill DeShurko, CFP Add to this confusion the most ... Read More

How to Create Financial Freedom

There are four parts to achieving financial freedom: Clear, specific goals Strong motivation or desire Know how Persistent action All four of these parts must be rock-solid strong or you won’t reach your goals at 100%. If one or two of these parts are less than 100%, you won’t reach ... Read More

Smart Investing Is Simple, If Only Part II

Last week, I read a blog post that argued it’s easy to invest wisely. As I wrote in my last commentary, I agree with the simple approach, however putting this into practice is NOT simple. Multiple investment environments and human nature get in the way. I talked about the complex ... Read More