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Millennials and Money

Fidelity Investments recently completed a study on the money habits of Millennials (ages 25-35 in the study) and found some facts that make it clear this group of adults is very different from their older cohorts. For example: On average, Millennials have a higher amount saved to cover an emergency ... Read More

Spending Plan vs. Budget

Often when we work with new clients, they will use the term “budget” when talking about wanting to know how much they’re spending each month. We gently tell them that we don’t believe in budgets because people rarely stay on a budget, much like a severe diet is hard to ... Read More

Summer Financial Fitness

We’re about half way through the Summer and it’s a good time to remind you that your financial fitness should not slack off just because the rhythm of life is different. Too often we see people fall of their financial fitness regime because of vacations. It’s easy to spend more, ... Read More

How To Look at Debt

My wife suggested this blog post idea. She was reading a blog post by Darren Hardy on how to get out of debt (you can read it here) and asked me why I never write about the topic of getting out of debt. I told her that our clients don’t ... Read More